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Sault Ste. Marie Country Club

2017 Events

April 28th – Members Kick Off Party

May 14th – Mothers Day Dinner (12 PM- 8 PM)

May 28th – Early Bird 2-Man Scramble

June 9th – Chip and Sip (5pm)

June 17th-18th – Central Savings Bank Lock City Open

June 19th-June 23rd – SSMCC Junior Golf Clinic

July 4th – Skins Game

July 8th-9th – Lynn Auto Parts Big Money 3-Man Scramble

July 10th- July 14th – Youth Swimming Clinic

July 14th – Chip and Sip (5 PM)

July 21th – Open Championship Member’s Party

July 22nd-July 23rd – Churchill Cup (Member-Member)

July 24th – July 28th – SSMCC Junior Golf Clinic

 August 1st – UPGA Junior Tournament

August 3rd – Ladies Invitational (3-Woman Scramble)

August 4th – Chip and Sip (5 PM)

August 6th – Bud Cooper Classic

August 7th – 11th – Youth Swimming Clinic

August 13th-14th – Sault Ste. Marie Pro Invitational

August 26th – Old Grand Dads Senior Scramble

August 27th – Couples Invitational

September 2nd -3rd – Club Championship

September 9th – Fall 2 Man Scramble

October 7th – The Big Bal Open